Page 1: iJADE Conference 2023 - Time

This year’s hybrid iJADE conference will be hosted online on Friday 24 and in person on Saturday 25 November 2023.

Friday 24 November: Online

Saturday 25 November: Live at University of Chester, UK

Time, as a complex social phenomenon, shapes our relationship with learning and art education is not immune to its influence (Alhadeff-Jones, 2017). We might consider timetables and curriculum allocations as constraints on the fluidity of creative practice, yet we can also acknowledge the importance of time to artistic processes, the development of skill and to our understanding of the past, present and future. Art can enable us to resist the usual conformity of education to institutional time and to realise alternative moments through making (Thomson et al, 2021).

Contemporary practices demand that we take account of past times, to reflect on archaic and outmoded practices re-making associations that are ‘out of time’. In this moment, the climate crisis brings a sense that time is finite. However, our teaching practices can be reinvigorated by engaging with differing conceptions of time that stem from indigenous cultures such as cyclical and/or deep time.  This call asks you to respond by taking time to consider the following questions and to propose your own:

  • In what ways can art education enable us to realise our relationship with time?
  • How does art enable us to question the relationship between time and education?  
  • How do art educators manage conflicts between individual and institutional time (Alhadeff-Jones, 2017)?

We invite abstracts of 200 words (max) that explore this theme. The conference will feature papers that reflect a broad range of responses to this topic. The following questions and themes offer a starting point but please offer your own response:

How do art educators negotiate and innovate with reductions in curriculum time?

  • Making space, making time
  • The timeliness of art education
  • Artist teacher practices: making time to make
  • Time and identity
  • Out of time
  • Bending time to our will 
  • Creative representations of time
  • Race against the clock
  • Slow time
  • Classroom projects relating to representations of time
  • Contextual studies -
  • Histories of art education
  • Historical representations – problematising bygone times through anti-racist practice
  • Time and process
  • Digital processes and the shaping/representation of time
  • Normative and non-normative time
  • Disability arts practice and ‘crip time’
  • Work in progress, unfinished projects and ideas that need more time
  • Longitudinal studies in art education – visual diaries and records
  • Creating alternative concepts of time through AI
  • Philosophical encounters with time in art education

Please submit a 200 word abstract by Monday 30 October 2023 and make it clear how your work links to the main conference theme.

Deadline for abstracts: Monday 30 October 2023

Conference registration details to follow shortly.


Alhadeff-Jones, M. (2017) Tme and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education London: Routledge.

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